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Will the World Find Your Website? Not unless it is designed to be found. Business on the internet is about people finding your website quickly and easily. The whole point of having a website is to promote your business. Simply submitting your website to the major search engines isn't enough.

We apply all of our knowledge about search engine optimization, internet marketing and how to design your website to get maximum traffic and exposure. Website marketing from initial design layout on through to final implementation and ongoing maintenance.

» Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our websites are optimized around relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your business, picked after careful research and discussion with you. Keywords, link relevance and several other techniques are designed into your web site to help bring your message to the world.

» SEO Design Techniques

We work with you to make your site content rich and search engine friendly. The major search engines use different, but similar, ranking criteria that are industry secrets and are constantly modified to improve relevancy. WebChesapeake stays abreast of the latest search engine technology and uses this knowledge to improve your website's exposure.

» Link Strategy

High quality relevant websites that link to your website are a major factor to demonstrate your website's importance, and therefore improve search engine ranking. Listing your website with well-established directories also improves your site popularity and search engine ranking. WebChesapeake creates link strategies to improve your rankings and bring more traffic to your website.


Search Engine Results For Local Businesses

Search engine optimization has become a thriving business in the web industry. It's gotten so popular that it's now well known as SEO. You know you have made it when you are referred to, and recognized, by an acronym.

Almost every current and potential web design client I have talked with has said, "And I want to be first on Google". Everyone wants to be number one, or at least on the first page. There are even some SEO firms out there that guarantee front page positions. How do they do it?

The first way is to pay for Google Adwords. You select the major keywords or phrases and bid up how much you will pay when someone uses them in a Google search, and how much you will pay if someone clicks on your link. This wasn't too expensive in the old days, when there wasn't much competition for key words/phrases. However, it can become quite expensive now with some key phrases costing $10.00 and up per click.

The second ploy is to pick obscure, long key phrases, something that no one else would use to optimize their website. So when you type in the obscure phrase, your website will probably come up first on the Google search because no other website uses the phrase.


Almost all of my clients are small businesses that target local customers. This gives them an advantage on the search engines. They don't have to compete with businesses hundreds or thousands of miles away. They compete with a few other local businesses.

Let's say your business is landscaping. A search in Google will bring up landscapers from all over the USA. So what do you do? you add your location to the search, maybe "landscaping maryland". The results are better, but you still may get businesses on the other side of the state. So you whittle it down again and add your local area, something like "landscaping maryland annapolis".

You have now narrowed down the choices. If you were a landscaper in the Annapolis Maryland area, you have a pretty good chance to show up on that first results page of Google, provided your website is properly optimized and search engine friendly.

There are many attributes to proper search engine optimization. Some SEO consultants charge upwards of $1,000 to do what WebChesapeake includes as part of our web design service. Don't get fooled by guarantees. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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