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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Since a website creates your company's image on the internet, it is important that this dynamic first impression holds the visitor's attention.

The attention span on the internet is only seconds. If a visitor to your website is not impressed immediately that your website is professional and useful for their purpose, over 60% will move on in search of information elsewhere. That is why a visually appealing form, along with easily identifiable function, is absolutely key to good web page design. Your navigation scheme must be clear and effortless, and your message needs to be clearly understood and informative.

» Web Design Approach

We approach every website design project with the client's needs in mind, making sure the message is clear, concise, unique, and effective. The design must reflect the personality and image of the client, and it needs to establish your credibility as a professional business.

» Web Design Strategy

Equally important in website design is the goal of determining how your site will fit in with your marketing strategy. A website is a unique marketing tool, one piece of the puzzle, and needs to be integrated with your business message and image.

» Web Design Experience

Unlike many other website design services, WebChesapeake is skilled and experienced at HTML, XHTML and CSS coding, enhancing photos for website use, creating graphics and other techniques to minimize download speeds and improve search engine optimization. We do not use any "drag & drop" WYSIWYG website packages, such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver.


How Important Is A First Impression?

One of the things I do in my spare time is look at other websites. It can help spark ideas or new concepts, and keep me up to date with current trends and technologies. However, it also gives me the opportunity to see the good, the bad and the ugly!

There are several different types of web designers. There is the pure coder who is more impressed with how he made the page look the way it does, rather than how it will look to web surfers. There are the graphic artists who buy WYSIWYG code generator software that converts graphics to web pages. A good web designer will have some knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of design.

Then there are the amateurs, your sister's son, the guy who has a MySpace page and thinks he's a webmaster, and some small business owners who would rather try it themselves than pay a professional.

You may feel I'm being somewhat self-serving. Maybe, but today's web surfers have become very savvy. They can spot a shoddy website design in a heart beat.


Colors that do not contrast properly, are too dark, or make it almost impossible to read the text information is one of the most prevalent problems. Unnatural layouts and difficult to understand navigation are other areas that make visitors frown, and go somewhere else.

The difference between a professional and amateur website can be like a child's lemonade stand verses a commercial store front. A prospect can tell the difference immediately, an most consumers would prefer to do business with a professional.

Recent studies indicate that an internet user makes a first impression opinion in less than one second. A good impression will keep the prospect on your website. A bad first impression and over 60% of your visitors will move on to another website, maybe your competitors.

Your website says a lot about your business. It's better to have no website than one that makes your business look bad.

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