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It's one thing to have an appealing website, but how does it work and what are it's capabilities? Programming and coding is important to providing website functionality. Contact forms, email lists, ecommerce shopping carts, image galleries, content management... these are all examples of web server applications and capabilities that require efficient and secure development.

Successful website development is the result of a structured process that is flexible enough to evolve along with your needs. This process is a collaboration that requires a close, consultative relationship. The use of current web standards and proven technologies to create a usability advanced website.

» PHP Scripting

WebChesapeake develops transparent PHP web applications that work behind the scenes to help you manage information. Our top priorities when programming a web application are customer experience and server security.

» Database Technology

WebChesapeake uses the most popular database technology on the internet. MySQL, a Structured Query Language relational database, is installed on over 95% of all Unix web servers. We strive to develop secure database applications with intuitive administration functionality to create, view, update and delete records.

» XHTML & CSS Standards

WebChesapeake uses standards based coding that reduces file sizes and improves search engine rankings. But most importantly your website is created on a technical platform that enhances future developments and browser compatibility.


The Reality of Form and Function

Why was I receiving all this junk email? Back in the 1990's it didn't take me long to figure out that you do not want to put your email address on a website, at least not in a form that a "crawler" or "spider" program can read and harvest it.

My research indicated I needed an email form on my website. Anyone that filled it out and hit the "submit" button could send me an email, but I wouldn't have to display my email address. I used a common PHP form and thought I had the problem licked. Not so fast... now the spammers used an automatic program to send me their junk mail directly from my email form.

After more research I added some data validation routines to the form. This helped to an extent, but then I experienced another problem. Hackers would include certain characters, recognized by the server that allowed them to insert a list of email addresses info my form when they sent out their junk mail. When the people on the list received the emails, it appeared that I sent them.

The scenario above continues as hackers and spammers continually look for holes in website code that allow them to use, manipulate or shut down your website.


I have been successful in implementing secure forms over the years. By using several different validation and access security features, most intrusions have been eliminated. That's not a challenge, but I have been able to stay ahead of the majority of casual hackers and spammers. It's simply a matter of taking care of the details.

Have you ever filled out a form and when you hit the submit it comes back and says there is an error or omission? Then you have to complete the form again from scratch. After finding that extremely annoying, I developed techniques to retain previously entered information for select boxes, check boxes and text boxes. An error message tells the user what problem exists, you make the correction only and resubmit the form.

I have checked other website forms and found holes in many of them. There are many webmasters that use standard available form code, usually because they do not know how to program with PHP. Many of these forms are vulnerable to hackers and spammers.

Make sure your website developer understands form structure, input types, validation, anti-intrusion techniques and error correction messages. It's just another way to offer a secure, user friendly experience.

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