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Website Domain Name Hosting

Design and creation of a website is only the first step. Your website needs a name and web page files must be connected to the internet where they are accessible to the public.

As part of our turnkey package of web solutions, we can register for your professional website and provide web space from one of the largest and highly respected data centers in the industry to host your website.

» Website Hosting Features & Reliability

Reliability and up-time are the most important features when selecting a host site. WebChesapeake will host and manage your hosting needs in a major U.S. data center with redundant computer and routing equipment, as well as power and communications back-up. All features required for your website to operate effectively will be provided.

» Domain Name Registration

Registering the correct domain name for your professional website is very important and could have a major impact on your success. There are millions of .com domain names already registered. Don't wait until someone else registers your desired domain name.

» Business Email Services

The small investment made to obtain your own domain name also enables email service under, providing professional communications with your prospects and clients.


Selecting Your Domain Name Is Important

What is a domain name? Simply put, it is a plain english title for a website network address. Routing a user to your website is similar to making a phone call. Your website is on a computer called a web server. Your website is also associated with a network address, something like Your plain english domain name is set-up on the internet to transparently point users to your network address.

Choosing your domain name is an important step in your web marketing process and should not be taken lightly. The old school wisdom was to select a short and memorable domain name. That is fine if you are IBM or BOEING, but for a small local business it's more important to include a major keyword in your domain name and make sure it represents your company name and describes your product or service.

As an example, I have a client who registered their domain name several years ago; Their business name is Mears Point Marina, but they opted for the old advise to get a short domain name.


As a popular resort marina, they have little problem coming up at the top of searches for "Mears Point", but do not do as well when someone searches for "maryland marina". The primary problem is that the domain name does not indicate what is Mears Point's product or service.

If someone is looking for a marina in maryland and never heard of Mears Point, they are not going to search for "mears point". Other competitive marinas in the area have "marina" as part of their domain name, and therefore often do better than Mears Point in searches.

Once you have selected a domain name, you need to see if it is already registered. You may have to resort to using hyphens between words. This used to be frowned upon, but more recent studies indicate it is more acceptable, often more easy to read, and may help with search engine rankings.

Put some thought into your domain name. It could make the difference between success and failure in the search engine game, which is important to driving traffic to your website.

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